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Video Resumes What Is A Video Resume And When Should You Use One


Video resume? - There is no doubt about it video is going to become a force in career development whether it be video interviewing, with Skype bringing video interviewing into the reach of nearly everyone.

However the use of a video resume is a very new concept except maybe in the recruitment of performing / artistic / reality TV type role. As an example I have never been sent one, though one candidate did include a link in his CV / resume to a short video excerpt to illustrate a point (which I felt worked brilliantly and should be noted for possible use).

I have however used and received video 'pitches' and presentations, which I personally love, they help you stand out, convey your personality, and I feel offer a fantastic marketing opportunity for people.

We all know a paper or electronic resume / CV is a very traditional, formal document that has to highlight your suitability for a role in the least amount of words possible, whilst observing the resume rules of minimal formatting, black text on white background, and no or limited images.

What Is A Video Resume?

So how does this relate to the video resume? The following is an extract from Bill Allred an expert in the field of video career marketing.

Bill Allred is Vice President of Sales and Marketing for HireVue, the #1 video interview provider for top employers worldwide.
Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Bill_Allred

Video resumes are initiated by the candidate. A video resume typically shows a candidate describing his or her qualifications, experience, and skills. Occasionally, may contain career goals, hobbies, or unique talents that the candidate would like an employer to see.

A video resume is typically recorded using a webcam or video camera, following which it is uploaded to the Internet (videotapes or DVDs may be used in some cases). Video resumes are generally not customized to a specific company or position; rather, they are more often generic.

Video interviews are initiated by an employer, who, after screening the candidate's resume, believes the candidate has the necessary qualifications to perform the job in question. Viewed from this angle, video interviews share many of the same goals as phone screens. On the other hand, video resumes are initiated by candidates and are usually created in response to a job listing.

Lacking any direction from the employer, a video resume is not unlike a traditional paper resume. Both exist to address the basic shortcomings of the recruitment process. For example, recruiting frequently takes longer than expected, resumes aren't a complete view of any given candidate, etc.

That said, there are clear pros and cons of each video tool.

Pros: Video Resumes Free for the employer Find applicants from other than the usual job boards Lets candidates express their unique character Simplifies portfolio sharing for creative hires

Cons: Video Resumes Lack of standardization makes comparison difficult Can contain unrelated or immaterial content Not easily integrated with recruiters' workflow No communication with candidate No standard of professionalism Opens employer up to discrimination risk

When should I choose a video video resume?  

Use Video Resumes when:

1) The goal is to encourage creative, forward-thinking candidates by offering the option to upload a video resume. 2) It is advantageous for the candidate to share a portfolio. 3) Creativity is more important than consistency. For example, reality show candidates.


Personally I feel  video resumes offer a lot for people who are willing to take a chance to get noticed, in this current climate when there are likely 100's of applications for each role, what do you do if you don't have the experience, or you are looking to make a career change?

If you know you cannot compete on paper why not try one, what have you got to loose?

If you do decide to give this option a try remember the objective for a video resume / video CV is the same as a paper resume / CV, compel the watcher to want to meet you to discuss how you can help them.

The rules of selling don't change because of the medium, so when someone watches your video they will be asking themselves the following questions:-

  • What's this person offering?
  • Whats in it for me?
  • How much?
  • Do I believe them?

To get the job you'll need to satisfy all of the above, to get the interview you can leave out the cost of hiring you (unless this is your main selling point).


In terms of the what's in it for me question, generally speaking all hiring managers, are looking to hire people who can make of save the company money (efficiency if you prefer) and will make them look good for hiring you.


There are no rules on the length of the video resume / CV, but I would suggest you keep it under 3 minutes. My view is that it's a recorded elevator pitch.


An elevator pitch is a short answer to the question "what can you do for us" or "why should we hire you"? The idea being that you give your pitch in the elevator. It's short punchy and memorable, would also be used at networking events when asked what you do, and you don't want to bore people.


The good news is a video resume could be free to compile, it's not about the production values, you're not competing with Coke for advertising. You could use the video record options on most smart phones, the free Jing application for recording desktop / webcam, and free video editing software such as Microsoft Movie Maker to put your video together.


Once you've finished your video resume / video CV host it freely on Youtube - set it as 'private' so that only the people you give the link to can view it.


I would also suggest getting a friend or friends to view your video, just to gain a different perspective.

Hope this helps...


Funny Video Resume / Video CV

Time for something a little more light-hearted, below is spoof take on the video resume idea. I'm quite liking it...

A video resume can be a powerful tool for highlighting your potential to employers. But is it always the right kind of attention? Meet George Turnbull. He's so convinced that his charm (and outfits) can land him his dream job that he's created a video resume showing them off. And show off he does. Can this masterpiece of self-aggrandizing land him a job? You be the judge.

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