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CV / Resume Writing Tips

Providing CV / resume writing tips is a major part of my life as a recruitment consultant.

In terms of reading CV's and Resumes I really have seen the Good the Bad and the downright Ugly!

The purpose of CV / Resume writing tips and the following pages is to provide you a Free Resume / CV Writing Guide.

Using my experience of what I know works to help you avoid the mistakes that can prevent even the most qualified and capable of person from getting the interview.

Define Resume / Define Curriculum Vitae

Before we get into the detail of building your CV or Resume, it is worth taking a moment to explain the differences between a Curriculum Vitae and a Resume.

It’s my personal view that for job hunting, a CV and Resume have become interchangeable, and I don’t want to get bogged down in the detail.

I simply want you to have a Resume / CV that best describes your ability to fill a defined role, so well it compels the reader to offer you an interview!

Just for the record - to define Curriculum Vitae - Curriculum vitae is Latin meaning "course of life", and thankfully is mostly shortened to CV.

Resume is French for Summary, and if you where to ask the difference, a CV would provide more detail and would be slightly longer than a resume.

However whatever you chose to call the document its purpose is to compel the reader to grant you an interview.

Lets emphasise this point your CV / resume MUST win you interviews!

Its a flat out sales document, that when used correctly will honestly give the reader no choice but to interview you.

Remember Preparation is the Key...


This page breaks CV / resume creation into a step by step process with links within each step to pages offering further detail and advice.

If times against you and you want to skip the tutorial go here for a fast resume.

Resume Writing Tips Step 1 - Before you start preparing your CV / resume do you know what you want to do? skip to step 2 if you do.

Discover the work you were born to do review
To write a great CV / Resume you need to be focused on what you want. This reviews an inspirational and free course to guide you through the process. If you prefer books "The Work We Were Born To Do" is my favourite inspirational career "ideas" book.

Best Job For me
Are you looking for the right job career?


Resume Writing Tips Step 2 - Get Organised

Let's get Organised
One of the best resume writing tips, is to get organised, your CV / resume will be used throughout your career, so keep it handy and ready for updating and fine tuning when required ...


Resume Writing Tips Step 3 - Preparation

How to prepare your Resume / CV
Talks about the content required for your CV / resume, and the various layout and template choices

Firstly ask yourself what do employers want - really want
The above link takes you to our sister site www.Interviewing-Answers.com where we identify what employers want from potential employees. Before writing your CV / resume or any other marketing material, it must help you to know what employers are looking for when hiring...

Interpreting a job advert or job description
If you are replying to a job Advert or Job description  before sending your resume you need to read this.

Know Yourself and add your unique PERSONALITY
Another great resume writing tip, a free MAPP self assessment test uncovers fantastic, insightful, and powerful information to include in your resume / CV
, will also stand you in good stead at interview...

Review of Free MAPP test
This motivational test will pay back your time investment 10 fold...

Video advice - how to get the best out of a motivational assessment

Review of Free Peoplemaps test
Another great free test this one focused on your personality traits. If your pushed for time concentrate on the MAPP test, its by far the best.

Resume Writing Tips Step 4 - Choose your CV resume format or template

Best CV / Resume Format
Advice on basic  resume layout from font size to whether to use a chronological or functional or combo style resume.

Free CV / Resume Templates...
Free templates available for download.

Blank Resume Form
Blank Resume form free download it here plus free guide on how to ensure your CV / resume wins you job interviews.

Free Resume Template
Free Template that will provide you with your resume needs

Free CV / Resume Examples
A growing library of examples that you can download and copy.

Video resume / Video CV
What is a video resume / CV and how can it help you stand out from the crowd?

Resume Writing Tips Step 5 - lets start writing

How to Write
Shows how to use copy writing techniques when writing your resume

How to write an unforgettable CV / Resume Objective Statement
If you are targeting a specific role using an objective statement is the most powerful option, highlighted because this is the most important part...

Objective Statement Examples
Want to win more job interviews? Follow these tips tip on writing killer CV / resume objective statements

Objective For A Resume
Video tips on why an objective statement can be destructive in a resume, and how to make sure you get it right.

Alternatively a powerfully compelling Resume Summary Statement
The resume summary statement offers more flexibility than an objective, decide which is best for you...

Power Words
When writing  simply  sprinkle  resume Verbs / Resume Power Words into your document, and watch the magic occur...

High impact Phrases...
learn how to combine power verbs into your resume writing to create powerful compelling phrases that will win you the interview.

Cover Letter
And don't forget about your Resume / CV Cover Letter  - a Cover Letter is guaranteed to increase your chances!

How to Prepare a Resume to Work Abroad
Thinking of working Abroad, a CV / Resume must be a vastly different document for some countries and cultures.

Amazing Resume Creator Review Guerrilla Resume Review PongoResume Review
Though I recommend people to take the time to write their own CV / resume, I do appreciate that time is often against us, the above link reviews the three top CV / resume building products on the market.

Find out why a Guerrilla Resume WILL win you more Job Interviews

Best Resume Writing Software
Free word processing application Verses Resume writing applications which is best?

Linkedin resume Builder
Is the free and undoubtedly super fast Linkedin resume builder the best way to build your CV / resume?

On-line Writing Software
What about  on line Resume Writing services

Highly recommended  resume writing tips "how to" published books...

Whatever you do don't lie
A humorous video of a unlikely outcome...

How to prepare a resume for interview success - Our free to download ebook that will align your personal motivators behavioural, competency and character with that of your interviewer.

How to write a great one
Video of me banging on about how to use the advice in the free e book above

DO NOT OVERLOOK LINKEDIN - Sorry for shouting but LinkedIn is the most powerful tool for job seekers and those looking to get headhunted.

Let me show you LinkedIn How To Get Headhunted

Our thoughts now turn to the interview

STAR Method for answering tough questions
Review this now as you want your CV / Resume to prompt these questions...

experts guide interview skills review

Experts Guide Interview Skills
This great DVD and CD Combo is a great addition to any serious job seeker's arsenal. Check out our detailed review...

Share your best Tips
We would love to hear your favourite CV / resume writing tips.
Your help IS needed!

Please download Interview Sniper our FREE super powerful interview guide.


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