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 Resume Objective Statement

How to Write an Unforgettable One!

Firstly a CV / resume objective statement should only be used if applying for a very specific role where you know your objective is going to align with that of the reader. In this instance an objective statement is supremely powerful.

If your CV / Resume is to be posted on a job board, and you're interested in a range of roles, use a summary statement or profile instead of an objective.

Using a general resume objective statement is a waste of prime CV / Resume real estate.

Remember the CV / Resume is for the benefit of the reader not you.
Your resume objective statement should be concise and no more than 4 lines, Its a short powerful statement that tells the reader that you offer what THEY want!

Resume objective statement possible content  (Project Management Example)

  • The exact job title used on the advert / description – be as specific as possible.
  • Function of the role. Include the business objectives of your target role 
  • Critical skills required (Project Management qualified, SAP financials)
  • Relevant experience in tangible terms (x years, x number of projects etc)
  • Personal behaviour traits appropriate to the role. This adds your unique personality.

Above are the ingredients from which you will bake your Objective Statement cake.

If you used a target career form  make sure you know exactly what your target is looking for.

Add the possible relevant content into the form below, delete the red example text first.

Your target role information goes in the left hand column, and your matching skills experience in the right.

Once you have input the information, underline or highlight all that you feel will be most important to your target reader. 

Don't worry if you cannot hit all criteria, stepping up in role is perfectly acceptable.

You can download a free Microsoft Word Resume Objective Statement Form here or Adobe pdf here.

List as much relevant content as you wish, the next stage is about editing, reducing and polishing your CV / resume objective statement.


Job Spec / Advert / Target


Job Title


International Project Manager, SAP financials


Business Objectives of role try to go beyond the tasks to the business purpose


Your appropriate


Implement SAP to time and budget throughout  Europe, Improve finance management and corporate reporting through the implementation of SAP Module XX to critical time and budget targets,

5 years as a management accountant, 10 years and over 8 major SAP financials implementations

Skills / Competencies





Recognised Project Management qualification, Understand corporate finance, team management

Prince 2 certified, PMP certified, qualified accountant, business analysis, team leadership, commercial savvy, strong mentor, excellent communication skills

Sector / Market

Experience required




At least 5 years Project Management

£10M Sap Implementation, including International locations

Largest project to date £7M UK only 4 Direct reports 30 indirect and through partners.

Behaviour / Personality

(soft skills)




Attention to detail, calm under pressure, determined, confident

Analytical, dedicated, team leader, motivator, positive, attention to detail, calm under pressure, determined, confident, ambitious, fast learner


Work Area

The red underlined text are the requirements I feel will be most important to my target reader, I therefore

Want my objective statement to hit as many as possible.

The example above in red gives enough content for us to now edit and polish.

The underlined in red, are the most important needs of our target reader so I want to hit as many of these as I can.

We are looking for a drop dead gorgeous statement, that you can use as an answer if asked “Why should we consider you for this role?”

You have to be able to say this out loud, without getting tongue tied, forgetting parts, or without it being to long.

You need to put yourself into your readers shoes for this bit. If you were hiring what would you want.

With all the information above there are many possible variations.

When building your CV / resume objective statement you can order the content in any way you feel comfortable, your looking for a concise statement you can deliver verbally with passion and confidence (If it works verbally out loud, it will work on the page).

So let's try a few:

Calm, dedicated, Prince qualified Project Manager, with 10 years SAP implementation experience, now looking for next challenge across International operations.

Not bad, but I don't feel it gives the reader enough of what They are looking for.

Qualified Management Accountant turned specialist SAP financial Project Manager. Prince qualified with 10 years and over 8 major SAP financial implementations under my belt, looking for my next challenge across International operations.

Getting there, though lacking personality.

Qualified Management Accountant turned dedicated SAP financial Project Manager. Prince qualified with 8 successful SAP implementations. A commercially savvy, positive and motivational leader now looking to deliver further SAP enabled efficiencies and savings across International Operations.

This is better, though too long.

Management Accountant turned dedicated SAP financial Project Manager. Prince qualified with 8 successful SAP implementations. A commercially savvy, positive and motivational leader looking to deliver further SAP enabled efficiencies across International Operations.

Carry on fine tunning, take your time, maybe even sleep on it, to get it to a point you are delighted with. Its really is that important.

An objective statement properly aligned with the readers requirements WILL get you the interview.

Management Accountant turned dedicated SAP financial Project Manager. A commercially savvy, positive and motivational leader looking to deliver further SAP enabled efficiencies across International Operations.

As the reader absorbs your objective statement they will be thinking “great this person does what we need and is looking for the role we are offering”, lets bring them in and see how they measure up in person.

You've got the interview at this point, the rest of your CV / Resume then becomes about demonstrating what you've said in your resume objective statement.

However, you can make it even STRONGER.

If you put a verifiable testimonial after your objective from a past boss or client you will instantly elevate you objective to FACT.

The testimonial has to be verifiable though. As this will be checked out.

So the CV / Resume statement example could look like this

Sample Resume Objective Statement

Management Accountant turned dedicated SAP financial Project Manager. A commercially savvy, positive and motivational leader looking to deliver further SAP enabled efficiencies across International Operations.

An expert Project Manager Jane delivered a tough SAP implementation on time and budget. A pleasure to work with” Peter Doe Finance Director ABC Company

Yes, If I were Jane I feel I could deliver this statement in an interview or as the cornerstone of an "elevator pitch".

I hope you find the information useful, if you have any great CV / Resume writing tips, or any questions please feel free to ask here.

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Update April 2009

We have just launched Interview Sniper which incorporates the above information.

Please download Interview Sniper our FREE super powerful interview guide.

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