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Blank Resume Form Free

Blank Resume Form 

This page is about helping you to start making Your Resume. We have a Blank Resume Form Free for you to download.

Blank Resume Form complete with Resume Writing advice.

Download Resume Form Here. The Resume Form has been put into a zip file.

Simply Download your Free Resume Form open up your word-processor and off you go.

If you don't have a word processor you can get the excellent and free Sun Microsystems Open Office here.

Remember to use a simple font style like Arial size 10 -12 for body content, headings two sizes bigger and bold.

Just keep your resume very basic, very clean.

You will need to edit the free resume form, Download the resume form from the zip file.

The Microsoft Word Documents can be edited in most word processors and are easier to work with.

2012 Update to Blank Resume Form Free

There have been a whole lot of technical changes since I wrote this page, and so I wanted to update the CV / resume form / template information. As well a test out putting the resume form examples on Google docs so that they can be easily shared without you having to download anything.

Having played a little more with Google Docs, I feel it's one of the best resources for finding and editing resume forms / resume templates and have posted the following video to demonstrate...


Also If you would Like our free 37 page PDF 'Resume For Interview Success' please fill in your name and email below and hit the submit button.

Resume For Interview Success includes the following chapters:-

How Successful People Behave
Know Yourself
STAR Stories
Let’s get Organised
Interpret Job Description / Job Adverts
CV / Resume Format
The Words are The Power
Don’t Forget your Cover Letter
The Magic Ingredient

Download Resume For Interview Success
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The stuff I want to cover is:-

  • What information to include in your CV / resume form now adding Linkedin links to your resume as an option you should consider.
  • Further details on CV / resume form layout.
  • Links to the Microsoft Word free resume form templates which now have a wider choice.
  • The most powerful element that anyone can add to their CV resume form

I also want to offer you access to all of our free guides, CV / resume templates, resume examples etc...

resume builder

So what information should be included in your CV resume form.

NEW add a prominent (near your email address is good) link to your Linkedin profile ONLY if it is good and supports your application.

Linkedin is the most powerful business networking tool, and a good profile with people recommending you and your work is one of the strongest sales tools a person can have. So I strongly suggest using it.

You can read more about how to develop a killer Linkedin profile & network here

• Your Name

• Personal Information – Address, Gender, Nationality, Drivers Licence, Marriage status, Dependants, Age.

Note: It is your choice what personal information you wish to declare. Some regional employment law asks you to leave age and educational dates out of the CV / Resume.

• Contact Detail – Telephone numbers and email address – state your preference.

• Objective Summary – Your statement of what you are looking for.

Note: Be very CAREFUL about using an Objective Summary. It is very powerful if your objective and the readers are aligned. But if your statement is misinterpreted or not exactly what the reader is looking for they will use it to rule you out.

If in ANY doubt leave it out.

• Education / Qualifications

• Training / Certification / Licences

• Employment / Career History

• Voluntary work – Optional - Can be embedded in Career History or added at the end with or in place of Interests / Hobbies.

• Skills Summary

• Profile / Professional Summary

• Achievement Summary / Honors and Awards

• Thought leadership / Articles / public speaking

• Hobbies / Interests – Another be careful - If it / they can show some positive relevance to the role great – If not leave it out.

• References – Include References on request statement only – no detail.

Before starting to fill out your CV resume form I would also suggest understanding what all employers look for when hiring new staff. There are 9 generic personality traits that are most valued, and when you combine these with your skills your CV resume form will open most doors to interview.

Understand what all employers want when hiring here

The most powerful selling element you can add to your CV resume form.

Most people exaggerate their skills and accomplishments on the CV / resume form. This is no revelation, everyone knows it, and all hirers expect it.

This means that even the best CV / resume's are read with an element of skepticism. It's the main reason we interview people to see if they stack up to their CV / resume.

So what is the most powerful ingredient you can add to your CV / resume...


But how do can you prove what you claim on your CV / resume?

You simple add a verifiable testimonial after your strongest achievement or objective statements. Verifiable is the key here as these people will be likely contacted to confirm what you say.

Below is a resume form example that you can copy and use as you see fit this is a Microsoft Word doc which is freely available from Google docs.

Simply click here CV resume form free template or on the image below.

free blank resume form template on google docs

The image above is of a very simple CV resume layout which illustrates the use of proof elements in the objective and after some of the achievement's. My suggestion if you like the idea is to copy this and simply fill in your details.

The image is a cut away so the rest of the resume includes all the other stuff you'd expect to see in a resume (full address, chronological career summary).

The point I wanted to show is what's most important is that you stack your strongest sales messages (resume objective statement, resume achievements) at the top of your resume form, because most hiring managers / recruiters have made a decision on your suitability before reading halfway down the first page of your CV / resume form.

Follow this link to understand this more about developing a compelling resume objective statement with PROOF element.

Right you maybe about to figuratively put pen to paper here is some more resume form / template info about Microsoft Word free resume templates.

Open Microsoft Word, then click on:
Templates or New from Template

Click on either:
Templates on Office Online (browse a large selection) or
Templates on My Computer
Other Documents (four resume templates)

To access the Microsoft Resume Templates online:

Visit Microsoft Resume Templates, browse the resume form templates, then click on the resume title to preview the resume sample. Click the Download Now button, then follow the instructions to download the resume template to your computer.

Use the Resume Template to Create a Customized Resume

Once you have downloaded or opened a resume form template file, type over the text in the file to create your own, personalized resume.

If you are not sure about the best CV / resume format for you Chronological, Functional or a Combination resume form (Like I have used above) follow this link to read more about CV resume formats.


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resume builder

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